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killua x reader cuddle Originally posted by zuldx. One day she magically gets transported into her favorite anime, My Hero Academia. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Killua found it hard to ever express emotion (or at least be willing to) , even around Gon, at this point he had mastered the art of doing so, and as they say 'old habits die hard. Requested by deathbyspoons *Hop. Let us do without formal greeting. ———-A/N: Hey all! I hope you guys enjoyed reading these texts as much as I enjoyed making them. This is my first oneshot book so please enjoy. 1 Manga 5. - the absolute BABIE. leorio is like the irresponsible dad of the group LOL. Dying Cuddles . It's not only stated by the people who created hunter x hunter and confirmed by togashi but it's also well documented in both the manga and the anime that if not an outright couple, Gon and Killua are in a deep and widespread romantic love and connection with each other. think about the fact that Gon a. I . cuddles with kenma are casual. If they take it the right wrong way and start cuddling or kissing him he might actually faint; Satan “MC, I haven’t finished reading yet. Killua - So Killua immediately noticed how you were acting a little bit different from your trip. There is no reason to think that the Zoldycks . Synopsis: Deans fear of flying means that you have to bring out the big guns to calm him down. Killua asked gently while stepping closer to me. Touching him? YES . Yandere Killua; . Darling has a cow hybrid quirk _____ Pairing: Aizawa x Reader Request: “ 懶Could you possibly do a hybrid cow reader x yandere Aizawa or Iida I guess the cow part would include lactation and hooves for the feet you know like a regular hybrid I know it’s weird sorry 懶 [Anon . Various X Reader Yugioh Pinterest Manga Quotev Quizzes And Yugioh Imagines Yugioh Pinterest Anime Manga And Anime Characters Power Of The Heart Season 2 Yami Yugi Love Story Emeraldfire Five minutes turned into more| Kurapika x reader. Kalluto cuddle pile! . one-shot of you cuddling with hanako! one . 》 ♤ Also, I do. Pinned Post saiki x reader denki x reader killua x reader hunter x hunter bnha my hcs. Killugon is the slash ship between Killua and Gon from the Hunter x Hunter fandom. they see you crying. 6. 24. BUT I CAN'T PROMISE YOU ANYTHING SAFE FOR AGES UNDER 14. Wife Deadset on Being a Mom (headcanons) Hunter x Hunter Kurapika Kurta. 10+ Desired Reality + Face Claims Vision Boards. I was inspired by other people doing this so i decided to make my own. Cuddling With Feitan; . Yandere Mephisto x Reader- Clingy Cuddles. Luna 🌙🌹 • 1 Pin. Killua (no spicy for him!!) . If you like my work please consider joining me on Patreon for bonus . Original Resolution: 509x720; The Male Siren Borderlands X Male Reader Harem Wattpad My wattpad,please request character,i can make the reader bottom for now,if someone's request top i can try top but it'll take me a little longer since i'm not used to so i'll try it if i like it i'll write spare stories in my free time,if you in my discord chat then you get. Tamaki, Mirio, Todoroki, Bakugo with a gamer s/o. Also, if Retz were to be alive, she could&#039;ve also been a good girlfriend for Killua, because as yo. im gonna be short and sweet with this one. ” When they don’t budge he simply puts his arms around them and continues reading over their shoulder; Doesn’t really mind sorry i got to this so late!!! killua is so cool i could def see why he’s one of your favorites. After Gon and Killua go there separate ways. Gon quietly took out his phone and took a picture before tip toeing out of the room. You weren’t sure you had the energy to speak. Killua - ⚡️ You both were siting down on the couch eating chocolate after raiding the snack cabinet and the TV was playing The Promised Neverland. Jumin ends up working himself to the . - he would shower your face in kisses while your asleep accidently waking you up. im begging you guys at this point to look deeper into leorios character and how much trauma and death he experienced ever since he was a child. Affectionate S/O (headcanons) 28. Killua x reader headcanons • Killua is a little tsundere around his s/o. wholesome. Cuddling With Feitan . - Shigaraki doesn’t exactly know what it is to be in love, he doesn’t understand the concept, but he’ll try for you. Exhaustion - Jumin X MC/Reader. think about the fact that REGULAR HUMANS cannot use nen. If you want attention you’ll have to wait. Original Request: A/N: I made this as. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Feitan x reader lemon Feitan x reader lemon . " he swallowed and nodded his head. Everytime when I ask him if he wants Alluka,he nods happily and cuddles with it. IT'S A FANFICTION AFTER ALL. The rain’s soft padding against the window is the only thing that can be heard within the small confinement that is Megumi’s dorm. - You’ll be his number one. Im going to answer this in 3 senerios. Aug 8, 2021 - Konnichiwa!! U all can add pins and sections to our board, but the right pins in the right section. Originally posted by thejabberwock. Synopsis: Dating Shoto was the best of both worlds when it came to sleep. I take requests but I dont do oc's or songfics. Look i know my f/o is a mass murderer but i want kisses and cuddles even IF it . Once she was done she crawled into the bed next to Killua who wasted no time in wrapping his arms around her. It shouldn't have, but it was. After you and Killua finished your cuddle talk you both freshen up get changed and go to meet Hisoka who has been waiting for . and the reader kind of climbs into their arms to cuddle w them like . With a Reader Who Has a Crush on Kurapika. #killua x y/n #killua aesthetic #killua x reader #killua headers #killua #killua tag #killua hxh #gon hxh #gon freeks #gon freccs #im gonna cry #gon #anime #gon hunter x hunter #hxh icons #hxh 2011 #hxh x reader #hxh imagines #hxh fanart #hunter x hunter #manga #anime / manga #pride 2021 #pride month #i love you #kasqnxx #coming out #hxh 1999 . #kurapika #hunter x hunter #hxh #kurapika x reader #hxh x reader #hxh x y/n #hxh x you #kurapika kurta #hxh writing #hxh headcanons More you might like if you sent me a request in my ask box all of them somehow got deleted!!! :/ if you still wanted your prompt written about PLS send them again :0 again so sorry about them somehow getting deleted :/ hunter x hunter hunter x hunter x reader gon x reader killua x reader killua zoldyck kurapika leorio gon freecss leorio . While Killua was eating his chocolate robots you were humming to yourself replaying the tune from TPN in your head also eating chocolate. Ok we will get you that, what would you like it in, BNHA/Mha, BNA, beastars, haikyuu, fire force, one of my OCs, oh and we have more than just anime, we have TWD, TVD, and more. Muitas cidades do mundo tem buscado soluções e alternativas para o excesso de veículos e outras complicações comuns às áreas urbanas. But from what I know, there are plenty of reasons people decide to ship them. Killua says after awhile of the two cuddling. #hxh x reader #hisoka x reader #illumi x reader #gon x reader #killua x reader #alluka x reader #hxh headcanons #fluff headcanons #junowritesfanfics #fluff … See all 141 notes killua with a partner who likes stealing and wearing his clothes ? oh and as hcs. You can . 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Handmade Toys. His eyes had widened and his mouth gaped a bit, "Killua, promise me something. He actually enjoys telling girls how he feels, and they think he’s just so cute that they peck him on the cheeks. Killua is usually cool, calm, and collected. he will tuck you under the blankets and will listen to you while you cry if you want to tell, When you calm down, they will kiss your face, but at the same time, Freddles will come up to you and curl up next to your warm bodies. • Anytime you’d make him feel embarrassed, he’d give you only a snide response, turning his head away to hide his red cheeks. (hxh started in 1999, killua was 12, so if you count all the way from 1999 to 2020, plus 12 it would make him 34. He got a surprise stun attack in, and then blitzed him for a few seconds by repeatedly stunning him. Hiii, this is my first time requesting 👀 Is it possible for you to write some cuddling sessions hc with atsumu, sakusa, and tsukishima? No pressure, only if you're comfortable of course! 🥺 Hey anon. They would be EXTREMELY strong. 諾-suggestive. singing, listening to music, cuddling . Open in app; . 2 Heavens Arena 1. He’s a tsundere, so to break him will take time. "Ugh! These Wattpad stories are making me wan. - so. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Her name is, (Y/N). - smut 㮝-angst -fluff . Look i know my f/o is a mass murderer but i want kisses and cuddles . Saved by Naeru. i write (occasionally) chaotickhaeli. Killua stares at him for the longest time before he licks Gon's cheek once more, close to his lips. The two of you get into some ice cream based situations… Oneshot. I didn’t do anything for 1k so I asked for something for 1. 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Anniversary (Headcanon) Super Fluff!: Benimaru, Obi, Hinawa, Karim x Reader As a Cat What your life as a cat would be like if your owner was Benimaru, Obi, Hinawa, or Karim. - if he wakes you up he will apologize a million times before he actually accepts that you . ⚠️WARNING: DO NOT REPORT OR DELETE THIS BOOK IN THE SAKE OF OUR READERS!!🥺 THIS MAY CONTAIN LANGUAGE OR LEWD, IDK. ~ Killua Zoldyck x Reader ~ Warning: Suicidal thoughts, so if it's not your cup of tea, don't click. Apr 27, 2020 - Read Blue Violet | Aren x Shun from the story Psi-Nan One-Shots by Kitatani (wakamiya) with 10,742 reads. Even though he was very curious about how everything went on there, Killua was more concerned about whats on your mind. “Feitan you’re so annoying” you said laughing. [4] His physical strength ranked fifth among the group. It shouldn't have been surprising to see it come crashing down. Let's go! A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) If the sex was more romantic and light, and both of you are still able to move, then he will gladly help you clean everything up, with the condition that the two of you can cuddle later that night, or have a friendly fight the next day. Muichiro x reader lemon Tsukishima x reader cuddle Muichiro x reader lemon she/he + neos . Read light novel, web novel, korean novel and chinese novel online for free. Honestly, really anything would get Killua jealous especially involving a man the same age as his s/o. . Mar 10, 2020 - “ふぇいさんに見上げられたい⑤” When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Discover more posts about killua zoldyck x reader. He will love and I mean love someone being affectionate with him. S/O Who Drinks Too Much Caffeine (headcanons) Fatgum/Taishiro Toyomitsu. 5M ratings . The relationship that was built was made with pretty lies - fake truths to cover up our worst selves. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Dean. Add the trained assassin to your anime collection today! Polyester Approx. 156 notes. ⛓Kurapika⛓. Tsukishima x reader cuddle Tsukishima x reader cuddle PAIRING: Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku (Tododeku)STARRING: Ochako Uraraka and Bakugo KatsukiOTHER HINT PAIRING: TodoBakuDekuThis video is never aired on t. navigation Killua with an S/O on her period Uhhhh afagdhv can you please do a killua x reader execpt the readers super shy and has a gaint crush on killua like its so very All-American Cowboy (Holiday, Texas Book 1) - Kindle edition by Crush, Dylann. # ace attorney x reader# the great ace attorney x reader# dai gyatuken saiban x reader# ryunosuke naruhodo x reader# ryunosuke naruhodo# susato mikotoba# susato mikotoba x reader# herlock sholmes# herlock sholmes x reader# kazuma asogi# kazuma asogi x reader#kazuma asougi x reader # hxh# hunterxhunter# hunter x hunter# hxh 2011# chrollo# chrollo lucilfer# chrollo x reader# fanfiction# anime# shounen# chrollo headcanons# drabble# hxh hcs# fanfics# chrollo hcs# hunter x hunter headcanons# hxh x reader# hunter x hunter 2011# chrollo lucilfer x reader# fluff# anime fanfictions# hxh oneshots# hunter x hunter oneshots# anime . hello everyone! I'm mika, welcome to my daydreams! this is an 18+ blog, I write yandere theme and nsfw. i enjoy the works of @/hunterxfics and @/agent-cupcake. You hummed happily to yourself, rocking back and forth on your heels, as the man finished unlocking the screen and inner door, when your peripherals caught sight of a familiar glowing fire flying towards you. 06. Killua Alluka Zoldyck Hisoka Japanese Wallpaper Iphone Anime Wallpaper Live Cute Disney Wallpaper Anime Chibi . YandereHisoka x reader You know how cats bring their owners dead things to show their love and appreciation. If we are going by in the show, 14 years old. Killua also wears purple boots recolored brown and black in the nippon animation adaptation. killua zoldyck wallpaper. zoldyck, gon, killuaxreader. Fandom: HunterxHunter. 1k and I’m so grateful. ' Killua wasn't exactly known for his reckless abandon (unlike the energetic raven) very much the opposite really. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Anime Meme Me Anime Funny Anime Pics Hunter Anime Hunter X Hunter Funny Laugh Haha Funny Fb Memes Funny Memes Tendou x reader | Next Door - Thank you!! Y/n just moved next door to the guess monster, a few days before school starts up again y/n got sent by her parents to go get groceries but when she got back home there was a surprise guest . Gon: + A little sweetie. With a Big Sister- Like Friend. If you couldn’t tell I started watching HxH and I love it! Dean Winchester x Reader. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. 20‣ edited: 7. It would probably be like Adult Gon in terms of transformation, and the same effects would probably happen. Killua and Gon are 12-13 at the end. Status update. And she is Canary. But when you do, he’ll just blush and not every once in a while until its his turn to tell you. Read Cuddle from the story Killua X Reader by walkonmemories_ (兴) with 3,818 reads. A/n: I want to write a prequel to this, one where Illumi shows her Mike for the first time. Words: 225. “Good girl,” Levi said as he placed the cup back on your nightstand and looked into your puffy eyes. Sokka x Reader x Zuko. " Taking it, the silver-haired boy nodded, a barley noticeable smile on his lips. Welcome: we will get you all set up, what would you like, we have oneshots, fluff, x reader, reader inserts, headcanons. Luna 🌙🌹 • 341 Pins. Comforting the child was one thing, but when Dami took up half the bed was when Jason had issues with not . Apr 21, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Anika Immelman. hi, could I request cuddling with Atsushi (and u can add any other characters). Yanderesleepybutwriting. Killua always knew you were beautiful. See more ideas about killua, anime, hunter anime. Originally posted by justin-ripley. it deserved an x reader blog . Emoji Prompts (How often do they stare lovingly at their s/o, How do they cheer their s/o up when they’re down, Are they protective?) With a Candymaker S/o. I’ve always wondered this myself. think about the fact that a natural talent like zushi took months to learn his nen. Franz says: esse é apenas um dos 'pequenos' exemplos de controle do tráfego urbano que temos. This also means that Killua is 12 because they are the same age. feitan feitan x reader feitan hxh killua killua x reader killua hxh killua zoldyck hxh hxh . 4 Answers4. Killua would have to have a resolve so strong that it involves him never using nen again. disclaimer 3: please let me know if any of the links aren’t working, even tho this mlist is mostly for myself. If we are going by our earth time, 34 years old. “Ninguém pode se tornar um escritor sem duas coisas: sem experiência de vida e de leitura. Shoto Todoroki x Reader. Killua is a joke compared to Youpi, he doesn’t “dominate” him at all. Adding more boards !! Sarani Mokoe!! Purasu Urutora!!. Being an assassin and having been raised in an abusive family, no one is more touch-starved than Killua. March 22, 2021 Leave a comment Leave a comment Apr 19, 2020 - Gon Transformation - Hunter x Hunter by k9k992 on DeviantArt Killua. Jason adored you for taking care of the young boy. • It would cost Killua some time to get to understand his feelings towards you. ” you yawned as you tried your best to stay awake. Benimaru’s blood started to boil. Hunter X Hunter Final Vision Board. Side character: my sis wants to be in it so I will add her and me later in the story. this one is kinda self indulgent cause i game a lot and kinda want to become a stream but i wont hahahaha. But . although, he didn’t know what they were at first- 😞 ⳾﹥after teaching him how to cuddle, you guys did it so frequently!! he enjoyed hugging you in bed <3 it made him feel so relaxed and all his stressed was washed away!! ^^ y/n looking at kurapika cuddling with leorio and gon cuddling with killua: why are all . 3 Yorknew City 1. It is also clear to everyone that Ging and Gon are not emotionally close, per Leorio's outburst in the Hunter Chairman Election. We had been liars from the start. Bleh, bleh, bleh Thank you all so much! I've been getting so many amazing comments even though it's been years since I wrote this. Killua was going to kill him later. Feitan Portor (フェイタン゠ポートオ, Feitan Pōtoo) is member #2 of the Phantom Troupe. Image Gallery Feitan at the Underground Auction, in "September 1st: Part 2"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. In the Chairman arc when Gon was recovering the doctor stated that this would be extremely hard on a 12 year old's body. Killua x reader. Aug 3, 2020 - Tell me - [Killua X Reader fanfic] - Prologue - Wattpad Hunter x Hunter . 07:46 PM. See a recent post on Tumblr from @a-girl-withouta-face about killua zoldyck x reader. Cuddling with an S/O insecure about her weight (scenario)╰☆╮ Overhaul/Chisaki Kai. incorrect quotes killua zoldyck x reader killua hxh killua x reader . He decided to get payback and start a tickle fight, well is wasn’t . Apr 21, 2021 - ANIME! —— HUNTERXHUNTER. 2020 - Cette épingle a été découverte par HxH Store. See more ideas about hero, boku no hero academia, my hero academia manga. The remains weren't forgiving. Look i know my f/o is a mass murderer but i want kisses and cuddles even IF . There was no doubt that. -Ok first off Zuko is a Political Campaign Consultant, convince me otherwise. #gon x reader #killua x . - Killua always notices that whenever he wants to wear a certain outfit he planned in his head, something from his closet is always missing, making him have to find something else. Of course, he’ll always curse to himself whenever you find your hat again. I would like to let everyone know that this is a finished work, but I still really enjoy seeing that people like my w. Cuddling - MC/Reader x 707/Saeyoung, and some unrequited love from Saeran for MC/Reader. Comentários: Franz Lima. Warning(s): N/A. You knew the terrible nightmares he had. [Killua x OC] Fukuoka japan. If he likes someone he won’t admit it at first. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest relationship pack So last week I hit 1. fandoms attack on titan The liquid wet your dry lips, making you down the entire glass in a few swallows. Bnha x short reader lemon Bnha x short reader lemon Jan 30, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Yesenia Oropeza. 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Killua’s Birth Complications. You simply nodded without verbally responding. #leorio hxh #hxh leorio #leorio headcanons #leorio x reader #leorio x y/n #hunter x hunter leorio More you might like if you sent me a request in my ask box all of them somehow got deleted!!! :/ if you still wanted your prompt written about PLS send them again :0 again so sorry about them somehow getting deleted :/ This episode hits close to home for me as it was originally requested by a few people who I care about deeply and are going through a heck of a hard time rn. Cuddles Dying Chapter List. Read hisoka x reader from the story hunter x hunter oneshots by kil_zoldyck99 with 37400 reads. ”____~” Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. And probably fall asleep. illumi hunter x hunter illumi x you illumi x reader illumi headcanons hxh illumi. DR Possible. Affectionate S/O (headcanons) Killua Zoldyck. She snuggled her face into his chest while his chin rested on top of her head. reader kurapika kurta x reader gon x reader killua x reader leorio x reader hisoka x reader illumi x reader . Sorry this is messy. Read killua zoldyck x badgirl reader h h from the story manga x reader pause by miss todo ackerman onee chan with 6 955 reads. Except when Gon tells him how much he means to him. - Shigaraki will become clingy over time because of lack of affection he has had growing up. “Y/n” Sam called out to you as you stopped near the TSA. You sat up and hit him with a pillow. Discover more posts about alluka x reader. Cuddling. Heyyo Sinners! Sorry for the late upload, rendering took forever. Three isn’t a crowd ( Gon x reader x Killua )—🧸🤡 Poly Au! — Gon and Killua take you out on a nice picnic date. -Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I do not own Hunter x Hunter or the pictures used. - he would wrap his arms around your waist but be super duper careful to not touch anywhere inappropriate. Killua Zoldyck may have been a liar, but I couldn't judge him. that you're a shifter like Eren, only Tsukishima Kei x sensitive reader. Today we have a bit of a spicy one, I would have made a separate version but I felt like no matter what I did to it, the only thing that worked was just this. A bunch of Killua x Reader one shots compiled by authors Ayuu Akamine and Miu Usagi. Cuddle Is The Answer | Saeyoung Choi X Reader & Yoosung Kim X Reader . and he couldnt do anything about it because he was too poor to pay for the surgery 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Killua’s Birth Complications. x reader stories. The only problem though is you all keep on running into trouble. 3K. Wild Berry Pie —🧸—You have heard that your boyfriend, Kurapika, hasn’t been taking care of himself and you’re on a mission to solve . When I get home I’m going to cuddle you and make sure you’re never gonna get away from my embrace. You and Saeyoung are watching a film together, and Saeran wants to join in. cuddling anime couple manga Jan 5, 2020 - “勢い余って仔フェイ” When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. - At night he will snuggle your . killua zoldyck killua imagine killua x reader killua icons anime comics comic . word count: 3. Tsukishima x reader cuddle she/he + neos . Nightmare Freddy. com DA: 34 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 17. The man loosened his arm from yours, reaching into his pant pocket for his keys. totally unspoken, it started with you resting your head on his shoulder as he played video games, and it has evolved to full on cuddle session while y’all just do your own thing ⳾﹥cuddling? killua lives for cuddles. Published: 22:55 . She closed her laptop and put away her books. if you guys have . Killua and Gon learnt Nen together, so Godspeed Killua vs Jajanken Gon (Chimera Ant arc of course) is the right matchup. if you don’t like this, this masterlist is not for you. Milton Hatoum afirma: um bom escritor não surge só com a leitura de best-sellers. Oneshot. See a recent post on Tumblr from @hunterxfics about alluka x reader. Pairings: (Embry Call x Reader) Word Count: 1. Summary: A series of text messages depicting if you were Killua’s older sibling. But let’s see what I can do with a more experienced Aizawa. she/he + neos . 1 Canon 1. Descubre y Comparte los mejores GIFs, en Tenor. “What is going on” you pressed under your . Quem lê só best seller e ‘Cinquenta Tons de Cinza’ não pode ser bom escritor”. 13. 6 13th Hunter Chairman Election 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 5. Pairing: (Killua Zoldyck x Sibling!Reader) Word Count: N/A. Gender neutral or masc reader, if it's okay mmmm this is nice i like this genre: FLUFF warnings: pairing: atsushi x. Killua shows throughout the anime that he cares deeply about Gon, especially in the Chimera Ant arc, where he. hmm i read some kurapika x reader fics but that’s about it. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be . saiki, saikik, hairo. streaming and cuddling w/ Kenma: Kenma will ALWAYS ALWAYS ask if you want to hang out with him while he streams Before he met you he honestly thought that he’d rather be alone while streaming but then one day you hung out with him and you asked if you can watch him stream and he was kind of confused but he was like uhh sure Okay it’s like villain deku x hero reader and their dating but he’s trying to corrupt her and there on the field fighting and to finally get her to switch he hurts himself bad but made it look like it was a hero idk all might or something and she goes to him to see if he’s okay and they snap and turn on them (and like reader had a really powerful quirk idk like scarlet which) and takes . Freddy will quickly curl up next to you and pull you into his lap. Fnaf 4 thread. Affectionate S/O (headcanons) Leorio. 1. Reader Insert Hisoka x Reader. -They met at a global warming protest and immediately hit it off. Yes, in the Hunter Chairman Election arc, it is clear that basically everyone who is a licensed hunter knows that Ging Freecss is Gon's dad, including Hisoka. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazily had gotten out of bed to . “What is it Tooru? You’re distracting me. hiii!! I was wondering if u could do 🥰, 🥳, and 👀 for killua! also I love your posts sm!!!! <33 Hello!!! OFC I'd happily do these I liked the ones u picked :D AND TYSM ILY ANON <333 This’ll be the last. navigation Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #he is a drag queen aswell with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir Killua with an S/O on her period Uhhhh afagdhv can you please do a killua x reader execpt the readers super shy and has a gaint crush on killua like its so very All-American Cowboy (Holiday, Texas Book 1) - Kindle edition by Crush, Dylann. Y/n L/n is an anime lover who lives with her cat, Bubbles. I gently combined our hands and held them close to my heart, he looked at me shocked. disclaimer 2: if not all, most of the fics listed below are character-x-reader or ship-x-reader. "Alright Killua, I'll share the rest of my pocky with you just this once. much less, his best friend. 3 notes Aug 10th, 2021. Request: Hii!!! Idk if you’re taking requests, but if you are could I request a kurapika x reader?? Something fluffy maybe like a date or cuddles on a lazy morning?? This boy just deserves some loving I want to give it . Originally posted by shinsouhitochi. "Become stronger and come back kill . think about Zoey and Mike comforting the reader which made me lose my tears. 4 Greed Island 1. You need to eat. Whe. Killua + Gon Accidentally Awakening DC Creature (similar to Alluka + Nanika) Whenever ya’ll are cuddling, he’ll just take his sunglasses off and lay down in your lap. ”. pairing: osamu x reader. Hunter X Hunter ONESHOTS [[X Reader]] Fanfiction. ‣ created: 6. GON • KILLUA • HISOKA. One day YN was home alone when a. A push or shove would be the first tale tell signs of Killua being green with jealous. Luna 🌙🌹 • 276 Pins. -Sokka is working at a non-profit helping the victims of gentrification. 5 Chimera Ant 1. 2k. 🪀Cuddling is a big thing in this relationship since Killua is touchstarved and that guy won’t miss out on cuddles even if you’re now smaller. His ears flatten when he looks at Gon, his eyes are closed, Killua's warmth and his purring has lured him to sleep. Killua was the cautious type. Killua. A group of fans of the New York City Police Department have kickstarted their own version of the Big Apple's law enforcement unit by mimicking to a tee in Brazil's largest city. Kageyama x reader cuddles Kageyama x reader cuddles Tsukishima x reader cuddle Pain Without Love [Part Two] UshiTen x Reader. I actually have a fic wip somewhere with him as a virgin himself with a virgin reader. But your favorite time to cuddle was during the winter when he kept you close and warm. - Unknown/Saeran x Reader fic. Fonte: Folha de SP. There are times where he’ll try and take your hat and hide it, and if you ask where it is, Leorio will just shrug it off and pretend that you were the one who lost it. . After an hour of Killua begging her to cuddle with him, she finally gave in. MACHI X F! READER —— . I walked up to him and stopped right in front of the boy. Post an update Killua X Reader One Shots Random. i hope you all have a good holiday season i love you all far too late - bakugou x reader oneshot ☆ genre: fluff fluff gross fluff ☆ words: 1132 a/n: i wrote this a while ago and didn’t post it anywhere but it’s the birthday of a certain dude so here we are. best free manga reader app best hunter x hunter manga panels . Everything from your personality to your looks. 1k and someone suggested a husband. sorry i got to this so late!!! killua is so cool i could def see why he’s one of your favorites. Warning(s): Cursing . Cuddling with Feitan“Requested by: Anon!” ““how would feitan cuddle his s/o once hes comfortable with them i gotta know 😭 i love when u write for him hehe”” • Omg bye this is so cute- • Feitan is. Jealousy and fluff (Killua x Reader) sorry i got to this so late!!! killua is so cool i could def see why he’s one of your favorites. - After you finally tell him about the weird possession that happened while on the dark continent, Killua looks VERY surprised. 1 déc. Luna 🌙🌹 • 772 Pins. Y/I: Your first name’s initial sorry i got to this so late!!! killua is so cool i could def see why he’s one of your favorites. Hunter X Hunter ONESHOTS 《This is would contain angst, fluff, headcanons, zodiacs, and of course, lemons. He will blatantly show his jealousy too, letting his child self-show. 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Anniversary Anonymous said: Can I request iguro with a s/o who is taller than him and how he would act around them sorry if this is too Answer: yes ofc! I love writing for snake boi Iguro Obanai with a tall s/o~I. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. 1 Hunter Exam 1. anime masterlist fandom masterlist reader masterlist bnha x reader hxh x reader haikyuu x reader kurapika kurta x reader gon x reader killua . 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Reader’s Past? 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Obsessed Reader. 9 - Jealous. Turning back to the two boys, you realized someone was stalling. tumblr. Chapter 1: meeting . Just A Little Argument (Hisoka x Reader x Illumi) Fanfiction. A lição é do escritor Milton . Though Killua doesn't have a girlfriend (atleast not in the anime), but there is someone who can be a good girlfriend for Killua. He decided to be a little dookie head and snatch it off your head completely and throw it across the room. i know the main four have their own respective shit but he was so young when he saw someone die in front of him. but if the two if you are cuddling . HxH X Male Reader. Killua: Same as Kurapika in that he loves you very much!! He just finds you so charming and cute, how could he not love all of you?! Since he’s into fashion, he really loves creating outfits for you that he thinks you would just kill (and you always do because you are stunning and Killua is a fit creator beast and knows your style very well). Rleaes · 4/29/2021. killua killua x reader killua hxh killua zoldyck hxh hxh imagines hxh headcanons hxh . But you knew the truth about him. Stealth writing in a crowded airportjfowjsk. In all honesty, Leorio can’t stand the constant jingling of your jester’s hat over and over again. He’s of course a bit grumpy that you won’t be able to run your fingers through his hair whilst he’s pressing his face in the crook of your neck or shoulder. [5] After defeating Zazan, Feitan became the de facto leader of the Troupe until . 28 Years- Yandere!Silva x Reader- Reader Being Cute w/ Killua. Only if you'll let me cuddle with you while watching whatever show we find. Warnings: none. Killua x Reader Oneshots; Summary. Summary: An Embry Call imagine where antics by Paul mixed with a cold day at the beach causes you to fall ill and the only thing that can make you feel better is the warmth of your boyfriend. At least she’s big in Brazil! Iggy Azalea announces São Paulo concert - just days after her new album FLOPPED in America and Australia. The 43-year-old model was a vision of beauty and high fashion Thursday evening in Brazil as she walked the red carpet of the seventh annual amfAR Gala São Paulo, to benefit AIDS research. “You have to get up now. Weitere Ideen zu hunter x hunter, anime, anime liebe. Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs. Tsuna Kowareta 12/16/16 . Words: 813. Thank you guys so much it means a lot. How you got together HCs. 10 Outfit Killua Zoldyck Hunter X Hunter Ternyata Stylish Juga . Ending is fluffy! I think. Synopsis: Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika didn’t know your previous relationship with Illumi until you came face to face with a giant dog named Mike. By Joe Scek For Daily Mail Australia. Chapter 1: meeting. Apr 7, 2021 - El GIF animado de HunterXHunter Pissed Annoyed perfecto para tus conversaciones. 20 ༻ ☕ ༺ ☁︎Killua☁︎'God! I'm running late Y/n will be mad! He glanced at his phone, concerned on why you haven't seen nor texted him back 'it's been 30 minutes… A wide mischievous grin broke across his face when he saw [Name] and Killua cuddling on the couch with several blankets, both fast asleep. Mainly, their friendship. pairing: megumi fushiguro x reader warnings: none word count: 533 - ‘tis a short one! notes: i just thought this idea was kinda cute so wrote it cause why not. > cuddles, please give my boy some headpats he deserve ‘em <3 > Same as Kurapika, he’d always hold your hand when going out > even though he’d never admit it, he gets jeleous really easily > cheek kisses > random hugs from behind > but those also only happen when you’re alone or with Gon, Kurapika or Leorio Reader with a ghoul type quirk Anonymous said: Can I request headcanons/reactions for Todoroki, Bakugo, Midoriya, Kirishima, Aizawa and Tamaki (separate) finding out that their female s/o has a ghoul. Aizawa x Virgin reader . Dabi x reader Dabi x reader JMAC Supply offers a complete selection of security products including CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Locks, IP Network Video, Power Products, Electronics and much more! Todoroki x reader quirk marriage lemon Todoroki x reader quirk marriage lemon Dabi x shy reader Dabi x shy reader Kirishima masterlist . masterlist! *yandere scenarios are open, regular requests are closed* rules Female reader x Boyfriend Scenarios! -Gon -Killua -Kurapika -Leorio -Hisoka -Chrollo -Illumi -Shalnark -Feitan I do not own Hunter x Hunter or the photos used for this book. Also the updates are kinda slow. Killua: + Don’t expect him to share his feelings. Tsukishima x reader cuddle Feitan x reader lemon Feitan x reader lemon Feitan x reader lemon Advanced card search featuring similar card search, pricing, ratings, rulings, legalities, and more. You had never planned to catch a certain Magicians eye. Illumi Zoldyck x Reader . Luck x Reader NSFW alphabet. Add to library 163 Discussion 18. anywayz, im planning to post at least one or twice a month because i have a hectic life recently. Killua decides he would protect his little sister; alluka from his family but they soon got her back and when he tried to take back his little sister from his big brother, illumi he got beaten and kicked out of the house. Mha x reader insert. This adorable&nbsp; Hunter x Hunter plush recreates one of those hilarious moments with Killua's shocked expression and chibi-style silhouette. 136 notes Jan 8th, 2021. 27. But, I hope you enjoy this Hisoka Special~ #HisokaMorrow #ASMR #Roleplay+++++ Credits: Char. there are some yandere themes in the latter’s work. gon x reader killua x reader kurapika x reader leorio x reader gon killua kurapika . Of course, anon!! That boy has some STYLE. Nothing really gory, though. Genre: Super fluffy it’s incredible. Luna 🌙🌹 • 18 Pins. 2016 - Erkunde Katja -Chan :3s Pinnwand „♥Killugon♥“ auf Pinterest. - He usually doesn’t ask you where it . Damian Wayne x Reader (sister/brother like) Synopsis: The young Damian Wayne was fearless, or so he made it seem. But when other men started noticing it too, he couldn’t help but have an awful feeling in the pit of his stomach. I’m Gonna Marry Mommy!: Oikawa Tooru x Reader. 8" Imported Posted 1 year ago with 372 notes Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 - 1:22PM Baby! Killua x Mother! Reader chapter3 . During the summer you would cuddle deeply into his ice side, meaning a fan was hardly ever needed. DR Items and Nen. You all die now. You were perfect in his eyes. You turned your head a little to side eye Feitan and he busted out laughing. 2 Anime 6 Videos 7 Navigation Killua and Gon have been best friends with a complicated and somewhat codependent relationship since the . killua x reader cuddle